5 Certificates that Can Get You a Great Job

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An article by contributor Hannah Thomas.

Even as a student, improving your skills and constantly being in the loop with all the novelties and updates of your future profession is responsible and commendable behaviour. With the knowledge you gain at the university sometimes it’s required to have a certificate so you can prove how much you have invested in yourself and the field of interest. Also, the certificates will enable you to apply for better positions or job ads. But not all certificates are so influential, and some can even be considered obsolete. In order to choose the right ones, we compiled a list of the most promising certificates which will help you get a great job or a promotion.

1. IT sector

Among the most sought jobs in the world are those for the positions in the IT sector. The constantly growing and ever-changing industry is so popular that people are willing to invest in expensive certificates like Microsoft Certification programs and Cisco Network in order to progress and achieve better status and pay. Since the trends and innovations are constantly evolving, IT professionals must be familiar with all the aspects and facts, and certification programs are a way to practically gain the necessary knowledge.

Careers in IT sectors are available all over the world and the only thing they care about is the expertise and erudition you can bring to the profession.

2. Project Management

Project Management is a responsible and demanding position which requires great ability to organize and handle stressful and demanding situations. If you will, projects managers are not only responsible for overlooking the projects, their job requires them to handle their team members, clients, follow every milestone and step of the project, solve problems quickly and efficiently, organize work and assign tasks. Bachelor’s degree may not be enough and you will have to choose some of the certificates available for this position.

Another plus side is that new approaches to solving problems and communicating with the employees are also part of those certification programs and are proven to increase the success of the project.

3. Architecture and Design

Due to the social media, we are able to see into people’s homes, see other cities as though we are there and get to know all the newest fashions in architecture and design. Educated clients are the most challenging ones, but so are those who only know what they want but are not familiar with the process and possibilities, as well as aesthetics of their request. That’s where architects and designers come into the picture. As witnesses of the decades and decades of different styles and forms, it’s appropriate to state that this field is fast changing and almost unpredictable.

Not to mention the popularity and demand for eco-friendly, green and sustainable buildings and designs which require specific expertise within these professions. That’s why certification is important not only for you but also for your clients and the environment.

4. Medical Science

Medicine is probably one of those professions with most experts immigrating to other countries due to the salaries, improvements, new discoveries, research work and modernize healthcare system. It is also the profession most sought out in underdeveloped countries and regions on the global level. In order to be efficient, save lives and come to new developments medical workers must always stay in touch with the newest research and trials. Their results are the best proof of their worth.

But in order to work in different countries, they’re required to show the proof language knowledge. That’s why they have to find time to prepare for OET and acquire the necessary certification levels in order to work abroad.

5. Personal Trainers

In order to keep you in shape without injuries or damages, personal trainers create programs especially for you taking into consideration your body type and lifestyle. This means they have to know anatomy and muscle functions, as well as which foods are good for their clients and which eating habits will have a negative impact on the hard work they invest. Certification will give them credit and make them more professional and trustworthy. Also, some gyms and workout programs require certified trainers, and even the pay can depend on the level of expertise a trainer can provide proof for.

In the end

You may think that as a student it’s too early to start with certification programs, but the truth is that the sooner the better because that way you can apply for more internships and acquire necessary practice for your future profession. Also, some additional education and proof of it like languages, computer proficiency and other skills which can be beneficial to your future primary profession are also not only welcomed but desirable if you want to have a bigger salary, better job position or quickly be considered for promotion.

Hannah Thomas is an expert in business innovation and management with a love for writing. She is always eager to learn new things and to share the knowledge she acquired along the way. You can find her (and follow her) on Twitter.

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