5 Ways Postgraduate Study Can Accelerate Your Career

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An article by contributor Rachael Murphey.

It has been found that master level graduates earn about 25% more annually than their bachelor level counterparts. By continuing your education after the undergraduate level you will experience professional development, create a broader network, and have more career opportunities. Below, check out five ways that postgraduate study can accelerate your career:

1. Higher Career Advancement

It is obvious that earning a masters or doctoral degree is no easy task. By having one of these degrees it shows that you have persistence, drive, and dedication, all of which are qualities that employers value. An employee who consistently shows these characteristics will be in line for advancement and growth opportunities with the company they choose to work with.

2. Greater Employment Opportunities

Ten years ago a bachelor’s degree was sufficient enough to open up most opportunities for yourself. With millions of subsidized students flooding the market with their undergraduate honors, however, today’s job market is more competitive. A bachelor’s degree is often not enough in today’s world, therefore pursuing further education may open up the plethora of job opportunities you expect.

3. Professional and Personal Growth

By furthering your education you will find yourself growing in the professional world. You will learn how to conduct yourself and broaden your network of higher educated individuals because you will be surrounded by likeminded people every day. In addition, you will experience personal growth. Graduate level education is difficult. You will challenge yourself in every aspect of your life, and the reward is life changing.

4. Greater Recognition and Credibility

Unquestionably, a higher degree stands out on a resume and says something about who you are and the dedication that you have to your field of work. As your expertise in your chosen field increases, your recognition and credibility will follow accordingly.

5. Greater Salary

As stated previously, graduate level scholars earn about 25% more annually than bachelor level scholars. Graduate school does come with a price to pay, but this will pay itself off and more in the long run. An extra 25% in income could drastically change your life and style of living, and who doesn’t want that?

There are surely even more ways that postgraduate study can further your career. The benefits are infinite. WGU offers a master’s in education online which is a great way to further your education without taking too much effort. So, with all of these benefits in mind, it i unquestionable whether or not to further your education.

Rachael Murphey is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder. She writes on entrepreneurship, finance, and personal success. She currently lives in Denver with her dog Charlie.

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