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LinkedInAn article by contributor Emily Burgess.

When you have recently graduated, or you are about to graduate, there can be a certain amount of pressure to find a job. Not only are you trying to find a way to make a living after your studies, but you are also competing with other candidates in the same position. Rather than waiting for a job to come to you, it’s better to reach out to recruiters, and you can find plenty of them on LinkedIn. Here’s how to get in touch with them.

Request a connection

You can normally only do this if you have their email address already or know who to look for, so do your research. Once you know who you want to talk to, send them a request to connect. You can also send a message along with your request, which is highly recommended. Don’t make a grand speech here – you just need to briefly introduce yourself and explain that you are looking for work in their industry. Add that you would be grateful for a connection which may result in opportunities for you both. This is a good way to get the request accepted, and it is also a good way to open dialogue. This way, you can message them again if they accept, or you can expect to hear back from them soon. Before you send the request, it’s a good idea to check that your profile main line is listed correctly: their attention might be piqued by a “recent graduate looking for work in XYZ”.

Join a group

There are lots of groups on LinkedIn, and some of them can be very specific. You may find one aimed at graduates or jobseekers in your field, which will be very helpful for advice and for spotting opportunities. You may also find groups centred around the companies that you want to join. This will help you to find the recruiters you need to talk to. You can comment on threads that they have started, or even start your own asking about opportunities in the industry. No matter what you do, always remember that this forum represents you in a personal light. Any comments that you make could increase or reduce your chances of getting a job from the recruiters that see your post.

Send a message

So, you’ve connected, or you’ve found your recruiter in a group, but there’s been no message back. What now? Well, make sure that you have done your research doubly before talking to them again. Now is not the time to get key details about the company or job opportunity wrong. The best way to approach them is with the utmost respect, and in a professional manner. It’s also great if you can offer them something – even if only a compliment to their company or their work. If it’s relevant, you might want to include a link to something you have done. For example, if you wrote a blog post about the company and how you would like to work with them, this is a great thing to send along. It’s important to grab their interest and stand out from the crowds of other graduates trying to talk to them!

Recruiters have a lot of people trying to contact them directly, so you have to make sure that you don’t make any common mistakes. Don’t simply copy and paste a generic message – talk directly to them and be sure that you use their name correctly to avoid turning them off.
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