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An article by contributor Megha Raizada.

According to numerous definitions given by different management gurus, management is a multipurpose function which includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting and controlling an organization’s resources to achieve the ultimate business goal in the best way possible.

People in managerial roles apply the above-mentioned functions irrespective of their departments. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that management is one of the most varied and interesting areas of work in an organizational context. Although there are many job titles having the word ‘Manager’, according to the traditional definitions of management, not all qualify as management roles. People in the managerial job role oversee the overall operations of a particular project/department. In simple words, they manage everything that comes under the scope of a project/department.

The scope of the management jobs extends to each and every function of the business be it the Production Department, Human Resources Department, Finance Department, etc. However, managerial roles are a lot more complex than the common understanding of most people. For example, a project head’s role can be counted as a managerial one, since s/he is responsible for the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting and controlling of the entire project. On the other hand, an Account Manager’s role in an advertising agency is to be the point of contact between the client and the creative department. The work responsibilities are limited and there are many people who do the similar kind of work in an ad agency. Hence, it does not qualify as a managerial role.

If you too are thinking of making a career in management, follow these tips to ensure success:

1 Know what it takes:

Managerial work is not for everyone. It takes at least some years of work experience or education in a relevant field to learn and understand the techniques required to manage an entire project or a department. You can start with weighing your strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness is crucial if you want to land that big management job you have been eyeing on. Use feedback given by superiors to perform your job better, ask questions, never settle for mediocre work, push yourself, take initiative, reflect on current results and think how things could have been done better. Observe how management professionals operate in your organization and learn from them. All this will help you understand what it takes to be in the managerial role and how you can go about it.

2 Be exceptional at your job:

If you wish to be hired for a managerial role in your department, you need to be an expert in your industry. In addition to having complete command over what your department does, you must also possess the ability to decipher what all factors affect the overall productivity of the people and the activities undertaken by them. To build this knowledge, you have to start with being excellent at your job. Only then will your superiors trust you with additional responsibilities.

3 Develop strong people skills:

While handling resources such as time and money is comparatively easy, managing human resources is a tough task. Having great leadership skills is undoubtedly important to perform a managerial role excellently. However, possessing great people skills is equally important. Getting work done through others is not an easy task. You need to know the art of managing people through strong people skills. To build people skills, observe how people think, react and function when faced with different situations. Learn how you can influence their behavior. Most importantly, respect people even if some think and operate differently than you.

4 Consider higher education:

If you don’t have a post-graduation degree, now is the right time to think about it. An MBA degree opens many doors. Nowadays a lot of organizations provide Executive MBA Programs wherein you have the option to study without leaving your job. Check with your company whether they too provide such a program to aspiring management professionals or not. If not, you can opt for a distant learning program.

5 Perfect your CV:

A management professional’s CV is different from the rest and you may need to rewrite yours from the scratch rather than making minor tweaks here and there. Your academic qualification needs to be scaled back and more attention needs to be brought to relevant professional training you have taken. You will have to present your experience in a manner that it looks relevant to the organization. Most importantly, you need to back your achievement with actual numbers. Additionally, you need to showcase additional responsibilities and include instances where you have demonstrated great managerial skills in your current job role.

A managerial role requires somebody who possesses strong analytical skills and deep understanding of the business goals. Most importantly, it requires somebody with strong leadership skills. The good news is that you can build all these skills over a period of time. Follow the tips shared above to prove that you have what it takes to be in a managerial role.

Best of luck!

Megha Raizada is a professional writer working with the premium job portals. She has a keen interest in the global job market but also loves to keep a track of everything interesting happening around the globe. You can reach her at Twitter and Google+.

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