Working & Studying Together: Can It Be Done?

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An infographic courtesy of Study Medicine Europe.

Anyone who has ever attempted to balance working with studying a university course will tell you that, irrespective of which option they were doing full-time, it is a tough ask. No matter how tired you might feel after coming home from one, you still need to revitalize yourself for the other. A lot of the time, you might not even get home, instead going directly from one to the other.

You’re probably beginning to wonder if it’s even possible to juggle working and studying without having to overly compromise on one of them. If you can find the time and the wherewithal, it can be done, although it will require some meticulous time management.

It’s easy to see why full-time students would wish to hold down a part-time job – the earning of funds that could enable them to keep their heads above water financially during their studies. You could wonder, though, why a person with a full-time job, who has probably been to college already, would want to spend their downtime on studying again. Maybe they’re seeking a qualification that would give them an edge in their professional environment, or perhaps they’ve found a course that they genuinely enjoy and would prefer to be focusing on that in the evenings instead of just chilling at home.

Your personality will be key to whether you can or can’t realistically combine working and studying. It’s a double act that will require plenty of self-motivation and perseverance to make the best of both. Unless you can honestly say that you give both of them your best shot, it’s best to just pick one and go all-out on that. However, if you can adequately do both and you have a desire to do both, it is manageable.

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