How to Write a Resume That Caters to the Job You’re Applying For

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An Article by contributor Hannah Whittenly.

In 2018, the American labor market is enjoying some of the lowest levels of unemployment in history, but this does not mean that you should be complacent in your job search. This is the best time to get the job you really want, one that is aligned with your skills and expectations. Although the dynamics of looking for work have changed in recent years, resumes are still the foundation of a successful job search. Here are four recommendations on how to craft your resume for the purpose of getting the best job possible:

List Every Applicable Skill

Employers know that applicants these days have a wide range of skills. It is not unusual to find trilingual marketing specialists who also know about payroll accounting. Similarly, a truck driver may also be familiar with the duties of an international shipping clerk. If you have any skills that match those requested in the job posting, you should include all of the pertinent ones in your resume. The idea is to project an image of being a resourceful job candidate.

Think in Terms of Keywords

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, you can put this knowledge to work for you. If you focus on optimizing the keywords in your LinkedIn profile, you can let employers find you and offer jobs. To accomplish this, look at job offers that you may be interested in and extract the keywords. Next, log into your LinkedIn account and optimize your profile by calling attention to these keywords, which should also be in your resume.

Highlight All Professional Certifications

If you are applying for a hospital administration position and have previously taken medical assistant certification classes, be sure to mention them in your resume. The same goes for warehouse managers who have a forklift operations certificate and are applying to an industrial position. Even if the position is not for a forklift driver, employers are usually interested in hiring well-rounded candidates. Feel free to list professional development courses you have taken as well.

Add Flair to Your Resume

The traditional method of submitting a PDF resume via email can be improved with a bit of graphic design. Don’t limit your resume formatting to Microsoft Word templates. Search online for visually appealing resumes to gain inspiration. Proper typography, spacing and layout are more important that most people think.

In the end, all of your networking and social media connections may not weigh as much as your resume. When you are ready to apply for that dream job you deserve, don’t forget to sharpen your resume.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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