Fast Track Career: Degree Ideas to Help Secure that Promotion

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Fast Track Career Degree Ideas to Help Secure that PromotionHaving a certain kind of degree can definitely help you to get ahead in your field, and can make a big difference when trying to get a promotion. Decision makers in any organization look for specific things when choosing who they want to fill more senior roles, and having the right degree is often a deciding factor when trying to obtain a higher ranking position. There are a number of things to think about when choosing the right degree to get ahead in your industry and how to find what education can help fill your niche and make you more valuable to your company.

Graduate Degree in the Field

Many degrees today are created to teach people how to perform a certain job, and when trying to get a leadership position in these fields, you should look at getting an industry-specific graduate degree. Having a graduate degree shows you are competent and dedicated enough to complete advanced courses and you have researched material directly related to your job. Fields that have graduate degrees that relate directly to what people do on the job include computer science, actuarial science, and public health.

Cross-Industry Degrees

There are also a number of degrees that can be extremely useful in a wide number of fields. These tend to deal more with the types of things that organizations do on a daily basis and the issues upper management are concerned about. The great thing about these degrees is people who obtain them will have an easier time switching their career to work in other industries.

• Project Management

Projects are at the heart of what both public and private organizations do on a daily basis, and having a degree in project management will help people land a job overseeing the way business processes are developed and executed. Individuals who study project management will learn how to make sure projects stay on time and within a certain budget. People who have project management degrees are in high demand in industries that range from construction to software development.

• Organizational Development

Every business owner seeks to grow their business, and those who have obtained a degree in organizational development have the skills to make that happen. People who study organizational development will get an in depth look at the hard and soft skills needed to expand organizations and enhance what they offer. These degrees are useful in any industry, and they can greatly enhance a person’s chances of being promoted.

These more general studies are a great way to show your dedication and get more education and skills needed to do a job well done.

Your company may compensate you for your tuition and time in school if you inform them of your intentions. Ask what kind of professionals they need more of higher up, and see if they will be willing to give you a grant to get started. With more education you’ll be a more valuable employee and will put you next in line for that big promotion.

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