Why it’s important for recent grads to improve their presentation skills

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presentation skillsAn article by contributor William Taylor.

Most recent grads don’t have work experience, which means that only a small percentage of companies will want to hire them. However, the better you can present yourself in front of a hiring manager, the higher chances you have to land yourself a sweet deal. The key to making an impression at a job interview is to master your skills of speaking in public. Having sound presentation skills is vital; managers will ask you to argument every claim that you make, and you should be able to speak without showing your nervous side.

Solid presentation skills showcase potential

Graduates looking for a job (in any domain) lack experience. Since they’ve never worked before they may not know how to deal with stressful situations, avoid conflict, and solve issues. You may know a lot of things in theory, but in practice you will struggle. Not all recent grads are the same though, and some are born to be leaders. A very smart percentage is very intelligent. They’re aware that good speaking skills can overcome lack of experience. Are you one of those recent grads willing to take a risk and prove to a hiring manager that you’re an ideal fit in the company in spite of your inexperience? Then prove it.

Improved presentations skills will give you a boost of confidence

Most recent grads are shy, insecure individuals. They’re extremely nervous at job interviews and they usually showcase their anxiety through their body language. Why should you be nervous? Just because you’ve never worked before it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer; on the contrary, you can be a valuable asset to a company because you’re knowledgeable. It’s time to put to good use that fresh data you’ve been gathering in your head for over 10 years. Wow hiring managers with your personality and don’t let them intimidate you in any way.

Good presentation skills compensate for the lack of experience

Believe it or not, but good presentation skills can compensate for the lack of experience of a recent grad in a certain domain. If you can back up all your claims with solid facts and speak fluently and coherently, then the other party will see a lot of potential in you. Many companies seek to hire people with a drive. Are you enthusiastic, passionate, detail-oriented, and organized? These are skills that people want in a person without lack of work experience. Speaking skills can help you get the job. All you have to do is talk.

Present yourself as an individual, talk about your goals and aspirations, mention future plans and don’t be shy. Be honest and don’t lie to the hiring manager. A modern company is capable of selecting the right employees. Set yourself apart from your competitors with sound speaking skills.

Good speaking abilities may lead to excellent career opportunities

Recent grads may not realize it now, but good speaking skills will help them choose the right career path. Those who are ambitious and determined know exactly what they want; they won’t settle for less even if they don’t have work experience. They want it all and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it. During a job interview it is imperative that you talk fluently and accurately. Don’t be afraid that you’ll make a mistake; it can happen. Hiring managers may even pose a tricky question just to see how you would act in a tense situation.

Good presentations skills will help recent grads shape their personality  

A lot of recent grads are shy when speaking in front of an audience. They become really anxious and they won’t be able to pay attention to what the opponent is saying. When interviewing for a job it is essential that you exude confidence. Not having work experience is irrelevant, and you shouldn’t let that get in the way of landing a good job.

Be argumentative and sure of everything that comes out of your mouth. Every claim should be backed up by solid proof; give them a reason to hire you and not someone else. Good presentation skills will help you attain all these goals, and the more confident you are the better chances you have to grab attention and make a good impression.

William Taylor is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business related topics. Also he works for http://www.londonspeakerbureau.com/ which is world’s leading speaker and advisory network. You can also find him at Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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