Top Tips To Landing Your First Real Job After Leaving School

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interview_preparationAn article by UK based contributor Sam Gatt.

Leaving school and joining the workforce can be incredibly daunting, especially if you’re trying to start your career. Here are some top tips to landing your first real job once you’ve finished your studies!

Get Experience

Making sure you have lots of experience to talk about is essential to landing your first real job. You may have had some part-time work experience in retail, hospitality, food service etc… alongside your study. This is really useful, as it gives your the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and other qualities to a potential employer.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to secure any paid work while you were at school, try volunteering to gain experience. Offering to help out somewhere not only makes your personality look incredible, it can also put you in a working environment that you may not have experienced before, and where you can make important professional connections.

Rewrite Your Resume

Once you’ve spent time building up all the experience you need, the next step to getting a proper job is writing your resume. In many scenarios, this could be a case of rewriting one you have already made. A solid resume will summarize you, your qualifications and your skills and experience. It need to be simple and concise in order to look attractive to a potential employer. Include your education, degrees and relevant coursework and you can really impress employers! If employers can see that you’ve achieved in a practical scenario in addition to the classroom, then they may be more inclined to hire you!

Search For Available Positions

Now that you have the ultimate resume written, it’s time to look for vacancies to apply for. You can find a vast number of job vacancies online. It’s important to opt for jobs that suit your skill set. Often in the description of a role, a company may specify certain grades or educational criteria that candidates must meet. Be sure that you’re not wasting time applying for jobs that you cannot get! Find some positions that you’d like to apply for. Then make sure you carry out the application forms accurately and thoroughly. Mistakes can cost you dearly!

Practice Your Interviewing Technique

Once you’ve proved your qualifications in paper, you’ll then be asked to come for an interview by one or more of the employers that you applied to work for. Each interview is different. Some companies prefer interviewing you face-to-face whereas some like to do it over the phone. Others will even assess potential employees as part of a group. Either way, make sure you stand out. A top tip is to practice with a friend or Career Center professional who should have experience in this situation. They can help fine-tune what you’re going to say and help you prepare for what is a rather scary experience!

Hopefully, your interviews go well by following these top tips. Be sure to dress to impress, know how to sell both yourself and your skills, and you’ll be fine. It won’t be long before you’ve managed to get yourself your first proper job after leaving school.

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