How to Land an Internship at a Marketing Agency

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How to Land an Internship at a Marketing AgencyThe list of reasons why marketing agencies are traditionally popular with college students and graduates is a long one and it explains a great deal. For one, most marketing agencies are not crusty old organizations that you cannot penetrate unless your father runs them. They offer a great chance of advancing your career and perfecting your skills. Most jobs at marketing agencies are also very creative and they give an individual an opportunity to really contribute to the world with something new.

Due to the fact that there are numerous profiles of students and graduates that can apply for internships at marketing agencies, the competition can be stiff and it is a good idea to learn a bit about how you can increase your chances to land such an internship. And that is what this article is going to be all about.

Learn about the agency

Before you go into the interview, or even before you even apply, it is always smart to learn about the agency. Most agencies will have websites with a list of their biggest clients and campaigns and you will find everything you need very easily. Depending on what position you are applying for, you will try and analyze the work that has been done by the agency. For instance, if you are a writer, you will want to see how they approach their writing. The same goes for graphic designers or web designers.

Have your finger on the pulse

In case you have spent the last few months studying for your final exams and preparing your papers, you might have fallen out of the loop when it comes to the latest trends in marketing. It goes without saying that you will want to make up for it and you should spend some time checking out what has been done lately in the world of marketing. See what some of the best marketing campaigns of the year  looked like, read up on the latest developments and what people are talking about. When you go for the interview, this will come in handy for a number of reasons.

Prepare an overview of your skills

The marketing agency that you are apply for an internship with will want to know who they are hiring and they will want to make sure that they have the best person for the position. Because of this, you will want to prepare an overview of your education, the skills that you acquired over the years, any experience that you might have in related fields and anything else that might be of interest for your potential employers. There is nothing more off-putting than an applicant who needs half an hour to try and remember everything that they have done over the years.

Be prepared to show what you know

The marketing industry is such that interviewers can easily check your practical knowledge as part of an interview. For instance, they might ask you to come up with some proposals for a logo or a motto or something like that. They might ask you about how you would approach a certain task at hand. Of course, they are not expecting you to come up with a winner, but they are very much interested in seeing you at work. The best thing you can do is to remain calm and give it your best.

Talk about yourself

Quite often, interviews at a marketing agency will involve many more personal questions than interviews at other types of firms. Marketing consultants from Melbourne tell us that this has to do with the fact that the personality of the employee is much more important in marketing than in other industries. They want to know if you are the type that will work well for them and that will have something to contribute on a personal level.

Closing word

In general, the interview process in marketing agencies is often more relaxed than usual, but this still does not mean that you should not prepare and be ready for everything that they might throw at you.

AUTHOR: James D. Burbank has been involved in the world of marketing for years, mostly in the trade show industry. He is currently on hiatus and he blogs both on his own blog – BizzMark Blog and sharing his insights on other blogs.

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