How to Turn Your Internship into a Permanent Job

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intern1-1024x645Organizations seek serious individuals who can contribute by utilizing their knowledge, skills and passion.

Even when they hire interns, they look for quality work. Don’t that if you are getting a very low salary or even no salary the company doesn’t care about your work. In today’s competitive business world, if you get an opportunity to intern, you should take advantage of it and do your best to turn the opportunity into a permanent position.

Here are some helpful tips for turning you internship into a permanent job:

Act like an Employee

Act like you belong. If you just do what you are told and don’t show any energy or enthusiasm, then you will fail to impress the upper management. Yes, it’s crucial to do everything that you have been given, but it’s more important to show that you are a dynamic person and can handle more responsibilities. If you have any ideas that can allow the company to improve processes, save money or enhance productivity, share them. It’s your contributions that will help you stand out and win the trust of your manager.

Ask for More Responsibilities and More Challenging Work

If you can easily handle the assigned work, don’t just take your time and complete the work as you please. Instead, ask for more responsibilities. Doing so will allow you to learn more about the company, understand their procedures and connect with more co-workers and decision makers.

Build a Network with Positive and Friendly Attitude

Don’t wait for others to talk to you. Take the initiative to show your communication skills and connect with others even if you don’t know them. Many people will not notice you unless you engage them in conversation. By greeting and meeting politely, you will be able to introduce yourself and build a strong network effectively.

Ask Questions

Whenever you are confused or don’t understand something, always ask questions. Knowing that you are a student, your manager will gladly help you by answering your questions. Asking questions shows that you are eager to learn.

Show your motivation and enthusiasm by asking genuine questions. You will learn a lot, and you will show that you are taking your work seriously.

Act Professionally

If you want to win the trust of your employer, then you must act as professionally as possible. Do your best to stay far away from office politics and gossip. Even if you find a group of people talking badly about a person, do not get involved. Avoid making personal phone calls during work hours. Show up on time for work (or better yet, early), and dress properly. Acting professionally is not complicated.  It just takes discipline.  Act professionally, and you win the trust of your co-workers and managers.

Ask for a Full-Time Job

If there is an opening at the company and you believe you are qualified for the job,  let them know you are interested in it. Do not approach aggressively. Do so professionally. Do not think that they will hecessarily approach you. Unless you tell them about your interest, they won’t know.

Act upon these tips if you want to turn your internship into a job. Do not take anything for granted, and do your best to achieve your desired goals. With the proper approach, you stand a good chance of succeeding..

About the Author: Anais John takes great pleasure in helping people with finding their passion that ultimately leads them to the right career path. She also offers Graduate essays to students via an online firm.

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