Careers at Salesforce – Salesforce Developer vs. Salesforce Administrator

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salesforceAccording to Gartner reports, Salesforce customer relationship management is the undisputed leader in enterprise app platform currently. Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, said that it is his company’s goal to be fastest in hitting the $10 billion mark in annual revenues. With more than two hundred customer companies using the Salesforce platform, and more than two thousand companies built using the same platform, an emerging rumble for Salesforce careers exists.

Companies are now hiring competent Salesforce developers, architects, and administrators to create and implement innovative business solutions. Also being looked for are individuals who can maximize their investment in Salesforce. With Salesforce hitting record sales every quarter, the demand for Salesforce careers is on a drastic rise.

Top on the list of needed professionals will be administrators and developers. This is as enterprises seek to connect Salesforce with other cloud applications and legacy solutions. Salesforce certifications are of utmost importance if you are to stand out in Salesforce careers. These certifications help you to be marketable.

Salesforce Administrator

This professional is responsible for administering and managing the configuration aspect of Salesforce. Salesforce administrators perform various declarative changes. They also manage all new releases into a production environment. As a Salesforce administrator, you will be responsible for running an existing Salesforce instance smoothly. So what does this mean? It simply means that you don’t need to have a great grasp of the various integrations because you do not have to configure any new functionality.

Some of the required skills of a Salesforce administrator include:

  • Solid understanding of organizational structure and business processes
  • Extraordinary project management skills, and analytical skills
  • Excellent presentation skills, communication skills and motivational skills

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developers are responsible for creating or building functionalities inside a sandbox with Apex or Visualforce before presenting them to a Salesforce administrator for purposes of scheduling deployment. The following are some of the responsibilities of a Salesforce developer:

  • Building functionality through creating Salesforce triggers
  • Creating Visualforce pages tailored for customer requirements
  • Building customized apps by making use of top-notch point-and-click capabilities
  • Controlling the implausible adaptability of Salesforce APIs (application programming interfaces)
  • Designing new solutions and coming up with project execution plans

A Salesforce developer needs to have the following skills:

  • Extremely curious about technology
  • Be able to quickly grasp and adapt to an organization’s culture
  • Should have patience, incredible vision and remarkable time management skills
  • Strong CRM believer and premeditated long term thinker

Day by day, the line between Salesforce administrators and developers continues to become thin. To be a successful Salesforce professional, you must take both DEV and ADM certifications. This is regardless of whether you are a developer or administrator. You must undertake these two certifications.

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