Class of Spring 2015 – At Graduation: Which majors earn the most?

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tos-logo-square-glDid you know? …

At graduation, the five majors reporting the highest salaries were:

  • Engineering at $57,500
  • Computer/Information Sciences at $50,000
  • Health Professions at 44,000
  • Mathematics and Statistics at $43,000
  • Business, Management, Marketing & Finance at $40,000

What does your major say about what you can expect to earn when you graduate?

If you want to work in a field related to your major field of study, it might say a lot.  If not, it may not be as strong an indicator of what you may be able to earn.

Look deeper than the numbers on the surface if you want to really understand your earning potential straight out of college.

TOS Median Salaries Sp 2015 at Grad

Want more information?

Check out the Employment Reports at The Outcomes Survey – the national standard for collection and reporting of college career outcomes now used by 148 schools in 38 states.




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