What Future Marketing Managers Need To Know!

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business meetingEvery day we come across a new headline, a TV commercial or even a simple conversation over a coffee that proves how marketing has been evolving. As such, the need for better marketing managers who are informed and up-to-date with the changing times grows more than ever before. If you are aiming for long term success in a marketing career, here is what you ought to know.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor & Statistics, marketing employment will jump by 13% between 2010 and 2020. While this may seem like good news for every graduating student aspiring to become a marketer, another alarming statistic revealed by the ninth annual Manpower Talent Shortage Survey stated that 36 percent of global employers are actually finding it difficult to fill positions, and many of these responding employers need marketing professionals.

The field of marketing is undergoing a lot of change, and this change calls for a shift in strategy and focus for the current crop of aspiring marketing managers.

Here are the five things that every marketer should know to be future-ready:

Technology matters

In this digital age, nothing serves a professional better than knowledge of the latest technology being used in his or her field. For marketers, or aspiring marketing managers, knowing the recent changes in technology is really important since these changes closely influence how marketing is accomplished.  For efficient customer engagement, and to gain a piece of their attention, marketers need to utilize user-friendly communication channels (like social media), apps and relationship-building tools. In the end it is the technology creators on whose tools the marketers will depend for their work, but marketers need to be tech-savvy to serve their customers best.

Marketing is much more than branding

Traditionally, company executives would differentiate between the KRAs (Key Result Areas) of marketing and sales. While marketing was expected to create a favorable image of the brand, sales shouldered the responsibility of bringing in revenue.Nowadays, every single recruiter seeks a employees who can add value to the organization, and that value is revenue. Every single task of a marketer, whether it is tweeting a product launch or sending a mailer, should have a definite measurable Return on Investment (ROI)(.

Networking is going to remain vital to your growth

If you are looking to climb up the ladder and reach, for example, General Manager level  sales jobs, it is highly advisable to join some industry associations related to your industry. Industry associations increase yourchances of getting referred. When managers need to hire quickly, they turn to their network of contacts to find candidates. Where do they find their professional peers?  In professional associations.

Develop critical thinking skills

A survey conducted in 2010 by the American Management Association revealed that while a majority of executives wanted employees with solid critical thinking skills, most candidates lacked these skills. Critical thinking skills give you the ability to analyze situations and define viable options and strategies. Without critical thinking skills you cannot expect to build a strong foundation for a long and successful management career.

Make good use of data

The future is data driven. In the last few years, big data has become a hot field for computer scientists and other interested parties. It’s all about information, and information is what everyone wants from the internet. Smarter decisions and accurate inferences can be made using data. Marketers are amongst the first industry professionals who benefit from this big-data revolution. According to the McKinsey report Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing & Sales“Big data is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales since the internet went mainstream two decades back.”

Marketing managers of future must be sure to leverage data when developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns.


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