Lucrative Degree Options for Women in Technology

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Technology degrees have historically been dominated by men. However, as attitudes in academia and technology fields change, a degree in technology is now an excellent career choice for female students as well. Below introduces four of the most lucrative technology degree options for women and how you can get started in them.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers must have excellent interpersonal and technological skills. Since they prepare and deliver product or service presentations, they must have factual knowledge of parts, processes, and functions as well. Engineers work with existing clients and engineers to evaluate equipment needs and requirements and also assist with researching and developing new products or services. Still, some sales engineers work in marketing teams and others specialize in certain industries, such as aerospace or manufacturing. The qualifications to become a sales engineer are very flexible. Some start with an engineering degree, but others have a science, computer, or business background.

Most Lucrative Degree Options for Women in TechnologyComputer Programmers

Computer programmers use a variety of computer codes and languages to create and update software. For example, C++, Java, and Ruby on Rails are just a few you might learn and have to be familiar with to perform in-depth assessments and debug faulty software and web-based programs. Programmers at places like Cogitech Solutions also use a variety of code libraries and computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) tools to write code, so you will need excellent analytical, concentration, and troubleshooting skills. Most computer programmers have a bachelor’s degree, but some get by with an associate’s and industry standard certifications. In fact, these certifications are often necessary in order to obtain lucrative programming positions because they establish core competencies and qualifications.

IT Security Technicians

Security analysts and technicians help maintain the security of their organization’s systems and networks. Their job duties depend on their industry or their client’s industry and needs. Technicians will monitor networks for data breaches or suspicious activities and collaborate with other IT professionals to investigate data breaches and network attacks. Part of this involves using IT forensics to gather pertinent security information. They also conduct vulnerability testing and benchmark the effectiveness of key security programs, such as firewalls and anti-virus programs. IT security technicians can go on to become an IT manager or even chief technology officer (CTO).

Software Developers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for software developers is growing by 22 percent, which is much faster than average. Software developers are the true geniuses behind all computer programs. Some develop specific software programs, while others develop whole systems or networks. For example, they may only focus on games, word processors, or commercial systems. Since software developers continually work on long-term assignments, they must have excellent organizational and project management skills. App developers perform similar tasks, but design cutting edge software programs for mobile phone users. The field of app development has grown with the millennial generation sub-culture, so it is very uninhibited by the traditional gender barriers of the field of computer technology.

To review, technology industries are growing fast and shedding their historical biases towards women. Sales engineers, computer programmers and IT security techs are all lucrative jobs for women. App or software development jobs are also an excellent choice.

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