myCNAjobs Predicts College Students May Help Alleviate the Impeding Caregiver Shortage

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Chicago, IL – September 25, 2012 — Caregiver turnover combined with the retirement of 8,000 Baby Boomers each day are ingredients for a major worker shortage over the next decade, according to a recent study by Service Employees International Healthcare. One factor driving high turnover, especially in states like Washington, is the inability for caregivers to secure enough working hours due to budget cuts. Another major factor is decreasing caregiver loyalty and employment satisfaction.

“Being a caregiver is a tough job and even tougher in today’s economy,” says Brandi Kurtyka, Chief Marketing Officer for myCNAjobs, a caregiving and CNA recruiting vehicle used by senior employers across the country.
By 2050, over 20 percent of the U.S. population will be age 65 or older. Although professional caregiving careers are growing at a tremendous rate, nursing school enrollment isn’t growing fast enough to meet projected demand, according to the American Association of College and Nursing.

“With the looming caregiver shortage, we’re focused on building relationships with a variety of partners, including colleges and universities,” adds Kurtyka. ”We believe that smart, savvy, and compassionate college students may help alleviate the impeding shortage while also offering a platform to build more successful careers post-college.”

Today, nearly half of all undergraduates work while enrolled in college and approximately ten percent are employed at least 35 hours per week. As more students turn to employment earlier to pay for school, college students may find caregiving careers as the perfect complement to a busy life on-campus.

“Many college students appreciate the flexibility of a caregiving career and money to help pay for school. In addition, caregiver careers offer invaluable experience and are mutually beneficial for both the student and senior,” comments Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of, the leading job board for college students searching for internships and recent grads hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. – myCNAjobs currently has active university relationships in select states and is rolling out a national partnership program in the coming months. myCNAjobs is the world’s most comprehensive resource to find rewarding work and hire caregivers and certified nursing assistants effectively. To learn more, visit or contact info(at)myCNAjobs(dot)com.

About & Steven Rothberg – Steven Rothberg is the President and Founder of, the leading job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. features well over 100,000 internship and entry-level job postings and 25,000 pages of articles, Ask the Experts questions and answers, blogs, videos, and other career-related content. Steven regularly keynotes and presents at regional, national, and international conferences and trade shows related to online marketing, online recruitment and the recruitment of college students and recent graduates.

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2 responses to “myCNAjobs Predicts College Students May Help Alleviate the Impeding Caregiver Shortage”

  1. wendy hare says:

    So..since I just enrolled in school to be a can patient care tech. I am disappointed after reading this a little because I am in my 40’s starting new. Is this saying the college kids in their 20’s will beat me out of a job? I live in a busy college town too. Nursing school hard to get into here.

    • mattberndt says:

      Wendy – the article headline makes it clear that there is a need for healthcare professionals, so you are preparing to enter a field where demand exceeds supply. This is a good thing for you. I would not jump to the conclusion that college kids in their 20s are going to beat you out for a job just because you are in your 40s and live in a college town. That is a huge jump.

      Make no mistake – you will face competition. Everyone does in all fields. You have to do well in the classroom, complement that with practical experience outside the classroom, develop your understanding of the dynamics of the marketplace in your area and pursue employment. There are no guarantees, so you can’t just take your classes and hope there will be a job offer waiting at the end of your studies.

      You said Nursing School is hard to get into. And you got in, right? Be proud of that and capitalize on that. You made it in, so you made it through the first weeding out process. Use your maturity to your advantage rather than viewing it as a disadvantage.