6 Outdated Job Search Tactics You Should Stop Doing Now

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resume in a bittleAn article by contributor Aaron Ramsey.

Are you always sending out job applications and getting regrets or no response at all? If you have been going through such an experience for a while now, you may need to make changes to the strategy you have been using in your search. Below are some of the out-of-date tactics that many job seekers use in their job search that you should avoid if you want to find a job.

1. Sending out only online applications

As the internet continues to grow, so does the number of job opportunities offered through different websites. It is common to find a number of jobs displayed on various job boards making it seem like the best place to hang out and apply for jobs. However, restricting yourself to sending only online applications for jobs will likely prove to be unfruitful in the long run. Some companies prefer looking for ideal candidates through a wide array of channels so that they get the best people to hire. In some cases, they can even cut down the number of online applications they want for a job so that they have an easier time finding the right person.

2. Stalking a recruiter or hiring manager

After attending an interview, you are given a timeline within which you will be contacted to know whether you were successful or not. In some cases, the waiting time will go by with no feedback from the company to Eapplicants that are interested in the job. In such cases, it would be advisable to follow up with an e-mail or call, but avoid pestering the Human Resource manager on a daily basis about their final decision. Visiting the offices of the company to ask about the outcome of the interview is also a tactic that may brand you as desperate and can actually be detrimental to your chances of getting a job with that company.

3. Applying for positions that you are unqualified for

Most jobs adverts have a section where the requirements that an ideal candidate should have are clearly displayed. If your qualifications do not match those displayed, then it is advisable not to waste time applying for the job. In most cases, people who are under (or even over) qualified will apply for the position resulting in their resume being kept at the bottom of the pile or thrown out all together! The best way to ensure that you are always considered for a job position is to apply for those that match your qualifications and skills.

4. Using networking solely for job hunting

Meeting people that work in your industry at events is a good way to stay connected when looking for a job. They are likely to give you an idea of the direction the marketplace is taking thus enabling you to adjust your resume accordingly to increase your chances of getting hired. However, you should not squander such opportunities by only talking about your need for a job and ignore other aspects that go hand in hand with networking. Such behavior will make you look desperate in front of your peers and potential employers that may have been looking to fill in a vacancy at their organization.

5. Taking a break during the holidays

Many companies hire new staff all through the year, making it important to always be ready to send in an application whenever you come across a job advert. You can use various job search guides to help you prepare an impressive cover letter and resume that can be quickly edited and sent out even when on holiday. Some career experts encourage job seekers to keep on sending applications at these off peak times as the number of people looking for jobs will have slightly reduced compared to other times of the year.

6. Having no social media presence

The use of social media as a communication tool for personal and business matters has made it a must have in this digital era. Many employers expect you to at least have an account on Facebook or Twitter and usually check out the profiles of potential employees before making a final decision. It does not matter if you are extremely active on social media, but having a presence will indicate to a potential employer that you are open to scrutiny. Therefore, it is important to have a presence on these platforms, but take care to edit your online brand carefully. Make sure there is no information that could hurt your chances of getting hired at a company.

Finding a job is not an easy task because of the many things candidates have to be aware of as they send out applications for jobs. Employment opportunities are still available: all you have to do is avoid using old-fashioned ways to find them, and you’ll increase your chances.

Aaron Ramsey is the owner and writer for Eapplicants.com, an online resource for job seekers to find all the information they need on today’s largest companies.

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