How to Become an Electrical Engineering Technician

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An article by UK based contributor Sam Gatt.Courtesy of UC Davis College of Engineering

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what industry or sector to get trained in. There are so many different jobs out there that many people are often confused about what career path to follow. There are office jobs, and ones where you get to work at different locations each day.

Is working at a desk all day not for you? And are you an engineering graduate? If so, you should consider getting a job as an electrical engineering technician. So; what does the job entail? Keep reading to find out more!

Make sure it’s a career choice for you

It’s important to determine that getting a job as an electrical engineering technician is the right choice for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re qualified in the industry or are shifting from another career path. What does matter is that you’re making the right decision.

No-one can force you down a particular path; only you can decide what’s best for you. Now that we’ve got that out of the way let me walk you through what it’s like to be an electrical engineering technician!

What does an electrical engineering technician do?

As you might have gathered, the role involves installing and maintaining all sorts of electrical kit. You can do this in a vast array of industries, and, as such, jobs like these are plentiful. During your day, you will get to work on things like electrical panels, generators and motors, as well as transformers.

Some of the things you could do each day might include:

  • Installing turbines, switchgear and power lines for electricity generation purposes;
  • Fitting and maintaining industrial equipment, and PLC programming;
  • Working on railway electrification and signalling systems; and
  • Making and repairing building infrastructures like HVAC systems and escalators.

To carry out your work, you would need to follow wiring diagrams and instructions. You would also need to know how to use all kinds of tools and equipment to get each job done well.

Some of your other tasks might include:

  • Supervising other technicians;
  • Creating maintenance schedules;
  • Carrying out quality control checks; and
  • Testing and calibrating the tools and machinery you use for your work.

Who do electrical engineering technicians work with?

If you want a job working by yourself, this isn’t the career path for you! That’s because technicians usually work as part of a team of engineers, operators and fitters.

You get to work with a diverse mix of people each day, and it’s a brilliant way to strike up new friendships with people in your field.

What are the requirements for the job?

The most common route to the role of an electrical engineering technician is to do an apprenticeship. To get considered for one, you need to have a good level of high school education. High grades in subjects like mathematics and science are a must.

Some people prefer to learn their skills by doing a college course, so you could always go down that route instead. It’s a job that is in demand from many countries, so you even have the option of moving abroad and starting your new career if you fancy a fresh change. Good luck with your career choice!

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