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An article by UK-based contributor Sam Gatt

When it comes to choosing a career a lot of people struggle. It’s often difficult to know what you want to do with your life, especially at a young age. In fact, these days if you’re looking for a new career or even a career change many will advise you against certain career paths.

Parents often advise their children against creative careers because they’re less stable than traditional employment. While this is largely true, if you are passionate about a creative career and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, the instability of the career path shouldn’t deter you.

You might have decided you’d like to do something creative with your life. But perhaps you’ve not quite decided what that creative thing will be yet. Maybe you want to learn more before making a decision. Perhaps you’re just unsure which creative path you’d like to take. Here are a few creative career options you might consider:


Writing is often an oft-maligned form of creative employment. Writers are often depicted in movies and television as troubled souls who are always broke or othewise down on their luck. In reality, it’s possible to make a good living being a writer. It just depends on the type of writing you want to do. Regardless, writing is highly competitive. Especially now that everything’s online and new blogs pop up every day. If you want to be a writer, you’re much more likely to be financially successful doing some form of academic or business writing. The more creative you go, the more difficult it will be to break in and have some kind of success.  Chances are you will need a “plan B” job to pay the bills while you build your writing career.


Consider photography if your creativity is visual or graphic in nature. It may seem like a glamorous job; one that involves rubbing shoulders with celebrities and photographing models across the world. At the highest levels, it most certainly can be that.

However, not all photography is glamorous.  Many photographers make a good living shooting portrait photos, weddings, and corporate and other events. Just make sure you prepare yourself and develop your skills. Visit to take a free online course in photography. At the same time you will need to start off shooting around your local area to build up your technique and a portfolio of your work. Your portfolio will serve as your calling card, and you’ll need it to promote your business and market yourself.


You might want to give some thought to being an artist too. You might be a painter, sculptor, or someone who favors modern art more. Whatever your choice, you should know it’s difficult to achieve success (particularly financial success) as an artist. This is because the industry is very competitive and because art is valued so subjectively. You art work could be highly acclaimed by critics, but if no one buys it, you won’t make any money. Chances are you will need a “plan B” job to pay the bills while you are honing your craft as an artist.

church-organ-393922_640 (2)Musician

Music plays such a huge role in social consciousness that everybody wants to be a part of it. Rock stars have glamorized lives and careers. If you’re serious about being a musician, though it’s going to take musical talent along with serious dedication, perseverance and a bit of luck. You may never make it to the big time, but you might carve out a successful career as a session musician, a music teacher, a conductor, a composer or a local or regional performer. Just bear in mind you could invest years practicing and auditioning and have little to show for it financially.

Creative Careers are not for the faint of heart.  They are for the passionate few who are willing to sacrifice for their craft.  If you fall in that category … Good luck and feed your passion.

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