Four Things College Seniors Can Do To Improve Their Chances of Getting a Job upon Graduation

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In spring 2014, 36,515 spring 2014 graduates from 54 institutions in 22 States were surveyed at graduation, three months after graduation and six months after graduation regarding their post-Baccalaureate occupations.  Analysis of their responses revealed four clear strategies college seniors should pursue if they wish to improve their chances of getting a job upon graduation.

successCollege seniors!  If you want to improve your chances of getting a job upon graduation, you should:

Keep your grades up!

No surprise here:  According to The Outcomes Survey®, spring 2014 college graduates with higher GPAs were more employable than those with lower GPAs.

Start your job search early!

It pays off literally and figuratively.  Spring 2014 college graduates who started their job search 6 months or more before graduation had higher salaries than those who started later.

Cast a wide net when looking for a job!

The more places you look the more opportunity you will discover. Spring 2014 college graduates who sought employment in a wider variety of locations had higher salaries than those who limited where they sought employment.

Use every available job search resource!

Spring 2014 college graduates that attended job fairs, completed internships, and networked were more successful in securing employment than those who just responded to job postings.

And finally, the large majority of employed graduates from the spring class of 2014 found positions that were related to their career goals and their undergraduate major:  79% reported employment in positions related to their major area of study; 82% reported employment in positions related to their career goals; and 80% reported satisfaction (satisfied or very satisfied) with their current occupations.

Happy Hunting! And, good luck as you take that your first steps from college to career.




SOURCE:  The Outcomes Survey® – Data collected on Spring 2014 College Graduates through Six Months Post-graduation.  For more information on The Outcomes Survey® and the spring class of 2014, go to

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