How to get a job with a disability.

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An infographic by contributor BurningNights.

If you suffer from a disability, be it mental or physical, this can make it rather difficult to secure employment, even though companies are forbidden by law from discriminating against candidates on the grounds of disability. The harsh truth is that some jobs will require a level of exertion that a candidate with a disability, with the greatest will and determination in the world, could not demonstrate continually.

Differently-abled people shouldn’t lose heart in their search for work, however. There are numerous jobs that they would be able to perform with no difficulty whatsoever, such as accountancy or guidance counselling, for example. When searching for jobs, candidates with disabilities would be well advised to tailor their search towards positions where flexible working arrangements and a strong chance of income growth are probable.

When it comes to the interview process, the differently-abled candidate should notify the employer about their condition so that the employer can work with them to accommodate a suitable arrangement, e.g. a video interview where the candidate is not required to travel to the company’s premises. Also, the candidate will give themselves a much better chance of getting the job if they stress to the employer that they can overcome adversity to succeed in tasks, instead of talking only about how difficult certain situations could be.

You can read more on how people with disabilities can succeed in finding employment in the infographic below from Burning Nights.

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