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Should I sit for my CPA right after I graduate or focus on getting a job first?

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Vanessa at Fresno State asked: I am an accounting major and will be graduating next spring.  Should I go for my CPA right after I graduate  – since I will have a lot of free time to study – or focus on getting a job first? Hi Vanessa There is not one correct answer to your question that suits everyone equally.  As with most decisions, there are many factors to consider, including: Competition in the Job Market Accounting graduates with a CPA have more opportunities available to them than do accounting graduates without a CPA.  A CPA is a well-known … / Read more »

What can I do with a degree in Accounting and Information Systems?

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Tracy from the University of Maryland University College asked:  What can I do with a Master of Science in Accounting and Information Systems? Hi Tracy Considering you are pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting, is it safe to assume you intent to pursue a career in accounting? That is the assumption I will make in responding. Given your degree, you have a lot of options to consider.  Accounting and Information Systems are very compatible skills/experience sets. Consider the Big Accounting/Consulting Firms Ernst & Young, Deloitte, PriceWaterhouseCoopers KPMG and a whole lot more.  They may not all recruit on your campus, … / Read more »

Getting Your Foot in the Door at Ernst & Young

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About Ernst & Young Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory services, employing over 167,000 people in 140 countries around the world.  Ernst & Young recruits highly skilled professionals who embody its core values: People who demonstrate integrity, respect and teaming. People with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead. People who build relationships based on doing the right thing. Detailed information about career opportunities for students, experienced candidates and executives can be found on the Ernst & Young Career Page. About Dan Dan Black is the Americas Director of Campus Recruiting at Ernst … / Read more »

What should I highlight on my resume – my unrelated work experience or my related classroom experience?

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Wenjing from Seattle University asked: I earned my Bachelor’s in Accounting last year. I have two years experience as office assistant, five years as retail clerk and three months as tax preparer. What is your advice if I want to pursue an accounting-related position? Should I add more classroom experience on my resume since it is more related to the career I want to pursue, or it is better to focus on my work experience over my classroom experience? Hi Wenjing – If you have a degree in accounting and you wish to pursue a career in accounting, your resume … / Read more »

How can I get a job in my career field with a degree but no experience?

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Kymeiko from DeVry University asked: I will be graduating with my Master’s in Accounting in the next eight weeks, however, I have no experience that can get me in the door of any company. I also have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management, but again, I have never worked in the field. I am not sure how to market myself in order to get into my career field. How do I write an effective resume that can get me a running start in my field? Hi Kymeiko – First, congratulations on the near completion … / Read more »