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What does it cost to be you? (your personal budget)

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Timothy from Indiana State University asked: I just graduated with a degree in Psychology.  How much do Psychology majors make? I need to know how much I will make so I can be sure I can pay my bills once I am “off my parent’s payroll.” Hi Timothy – Reality time, right!  Mom and Dad will only cover your bills for so long. Eventually, you have to bear the cost of being you, and you need a job that will help you do so. How much do Psychology grads make? Well … that depends upon what they choose do when they graduate.  Those … / Read more »

Can I afford my current lifestyle?

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Valerie from UT Austin asked: You once came and gave a lecture for my class  and presented us with an budget worksheet that helped us to calculate what we needed to earn in order to live the life we wanted to. That included our rent, bills, entertainment, savings, etc. Do you still have this document? Hi Valerie – Ah, the eternal question about money! This is an important one, so thanks for bringing it up. I have a workshop on Job Offer Evaluation and Negotiation. Whenever I deliver this workshop, I start with the same premise: You’re in no position … / Read more »