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Why Students and Alumni Should Report Internships and Job Offers to Their School

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Universities and career centers are constantly trying to gain insight into their students’ internship and career experiences to not only improve their own process and curriculum but also to report outcomes to publications that rank the value of their degrees. Career centers also need their students and alumni to report their internship and job offers to understand interests and hiring trends specific to their university. Often times, the most important yet most difficult data points to gather are non-credit-bearing internships since there is no incentive or easy way for a student to report that information to their college or university. But this information is … / Read more »

Top 10 Jobs of the Future

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Jobs of the Future

The U.S. economy and overall job market were majorly affected during the Coronavirus pandemic. Unemployment rates were at an all-time high as people lost their jobs and their future became unclear. As people shift their job trajectory or attempt to start a new career path, they should focus their attention on the jobs that are continuously growing. According to the United States Department of Labor, here is a list of jobs that are projected to be in high demand within the next few years.   Medical and Health Services Manager   A medical and health services manager oversees and manages a healthcare … / Read more »

Ten Books Every College Grad Should Read

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College Student Career Book

The perfect time to read and improve yourself is Summer Break! By reflecting on your past year’s experiences, emotions, goals, as well as future plans, you can better prepare for a life of success. The following ten books are considered professional development and self-help books that many great leaders and successful individuals have read to transform their life. Take some time to understand your own tendencies and hear the advice of these highly successful people to learn, grow and live your best life.    The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale– This book is an easy read that will teach you how … / Read more »

Career Advice for Students During a Worldwide Pandemic

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College Career Advice Pandemic

Searching for jobs right out of college has always been difficult, and it hasn’t gotten any easier amid a worldwide pandemic. Some students and graduates may be wondering if companies are even hiring at all right now. And the answer is yes! Companies are still looking to fill positions that they find vital to the growth and success of the company. But this means they’re looking for the top candidates to fill these spots. It’s important for students to learn how to stand out among other candidates and prove they’re the best for the position, especially when the job market is so competitive. Here’s some advice on how to be successful in your … / Read more »

A Career in Finance and Why It Might Be Right for You

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Finance is an interesting field. On the surface, it looks like it’s all about crunching numbers and counting money. Actually, it’s more complicated than that. Regardless of your background, it’s possible to have a fulfilling career as a finance professional – as long as you have the right mix of skills, interests, temperament and experience. In this guide, we’re going to dig a little deeper into that to discover if finance is the right field for you. What Finance Professionals Do Yes, finance does involve a lot of number-crunching and money-counting. More than that, though, it’s about helping others – … / Read more »