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How can I address my career change and new degree on my resume?

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Britany from Johnson & Wales University asked: “I have a finance background, and have decided to change fields to Information Security. Grad school starts soon, and it has been hard to land a job in finance. Should I pursue IT roles now instead? If, so how do I address that on my resume? Thank you” Congratulations on starting graduate school and thank you for your question. I understand wanting to apply to positions within IT since you have been having a difficult time finding a job in finance. Prior to starting graduate school, I was in a similar position.  I was … / Read more »

Will changing careers be a bad decision?

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Jenny from the University of West Florida asked: I will finish a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in August 2015, but I am looking for a career change into massage therapy or cosmetology. I have done projects and internships, and some of my job experience is related to human resources, but I have lost interest in the field. I would like a more creative field, somewhat less stressful, and less administration/paperwork-oriented. I want to be able to help people feel better about themselves. I am scared.  Is changing career paths in this way a bad decision? Hi Jenny – I can’t tell you … / Read more »

Three Things to Consider When Considering a Career Change

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Marie from Wayne State University asked: I have been doing social work for five years and have not found it rewarding. It is time for a change, but I don’t want to spend thousands on more in schooling. What professions can I transfer into using my current degree or by possibly taking a few additional credits for a different degree? Hi Marie Starting over in a new career is rarely easy but is very important when you are not happy in your work.  We spend too much time in our jobs to not find them personally and/or professionally rewarding in some way. So, I commend you … / Read more »