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Is Distribution Work for You? 3 Fulfilling Warehouse Careers to Consider

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An article by contributor Dixie Somers. While job demand in many industries rises and falls, businesses always have a need for intelligent and dedicated people to staff their warehouses. Whether it’s for a big box retail chain, an aerospace tech manufacturer, or an ecommerce site, warehouse workers will always be in demand. While automation certainly threatens many career paths, warehouse job security is practically guaranteed according to job growth projections well into the 2020s and beyond. It may seem a simplistic field to the untrained eye, but you’d be surprised that warehouse careers can be fulfilling and offer plenty of variety. … / Read more »

How to Use a Job Performance Review to your Advantage

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Guest Post by Johanna Harris You can turn your annual performance evaluation into a valuable tool. You need to prepare for your review. You should be able to detail the positive contributions you have made. If your manager identifies areas for improvement, you need to approach the evaluation with an open mind. Whether your evaluation is written or oral or both, by the end of the critique you should have a clear road map of what needs to be done to improve your performance. Pinning down your goals and objectives It is your responsibility to review and understand the goals and … / Read more »