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Why Students and Alumni Should Report Internships and Job Offers to Their School

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Universities and career centers are constantly trying to gain insight into their students’ internship and career experiences to not only improve their own process and curriculum but also to report outcomes to publications that rank the value of their degrees. Career centers also need their students and alumni to report their internship and job offers to understand interests and hiring trends specific to their university. Often times, the most important yet most difficult data points to gather are non-credit-bearing internships since there is no incentive or easy way for a student to report that information to their college or university. But this information is … / Read more »

What Do I Do When I Have a Job, But Get a Better Offer?

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Brianna from University of North Texas asked: “I applied to many, many places. I ended up choosing an on-campus job that didn’t pay well and didn’t have enough hours because I had a tuition payment deadline. Now, I have an amazing job offer, but I’ve already accepted the other job and have worked for a week. I don’t want to let anyone down, but I can’t really pay bills with this job. What do I do?” Thank you for your question, Brianna.  Congratulations on the recent job offer!  It is always exciting to receive an offer from a prospective employer, … / Read more »