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5 Tips for Success in a Cosmetology School

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An article by contributor Dixie Somers. If you’ve decided on cosmetology as a career path, you may have many questions about attending a school, but it’s an important first step. There are 70,500 new job openings expected in the next few years. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn the trade from experienced professionals. The quality of the education you receive is very much dependent on the focus and effort you put into it. Here are some tips for getting the most from cosmetology school to advance your skills and knowledge. Attend Every Class While higher priorities, accidents, or illness may … / Read more »

Will changing careers be a bad decision?

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Jenny from the University of West Florida asked: I will finish a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in August 2015, but I am looking for a career change into massage therapy or cosmetology. I have done projects and internships, and some of my job experience is related to human resources, but I have lost interest in the field. I would like a more creative field, somewhat less stressful, and less administration/paperwork-oriented. I want to be able to help people feel better about themselves. I am scared.  Is changing career paths in this way a bad decision? Hi Jenny – I can’t tell you … / Read more »