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How Can I Get Past My Disability to Land a Position in the Animation and Illustration Field?

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Phoebe from University of Colorado asks: “I want to work in illustration/animation, but feel like I’ve exhausted all my resources. An internship would be great, but I seem to have a hard time finding one since I’m no longer a student. I also have social anxiety and hand-pain that keep me from working for extended periods of time. How can I find a creative career that can accommodate my disabilities?” Thanks for your question, Phoebe.  I’m sure you’ve done quite a bit to find suitable employment opportunity in your field.  However, there is always more you can do to move … / Read more »

How to get a job with a disability.

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An infographic by contributor BurningNights. If you suffer from a disability, be it mental or physical, this can make it rather difficult to secure employment, even though companies are forbidden by law from discriminating against candidates on the grounds of disability. The harsh truth is that some jobs will require a level of exertion that a candidate with a disability, with the greatest will and determination in the world, could not demonstrate continually. Differently-abled people shouldn’t lose heart in their search for work, however. There are numerous jobs that they would be able to perform with no difficulty whatsoever, such … / Read more »

How should I disclose my disability to an employer?

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Geoff at Bellevue College asked: “I have a severe hearing impairment. I communicate well face-to-face, but talking over the phone is very difficult. What, if anything, should I disclose on my resume in regards to my disability?” Great question, Geoff! For those who don’t interact with differently-abled folks on a regular basis, talking about disability is still a little taboo and uncomfortable. As a potential employee with a disability, it’s your responsibility to be the expert on your body and know what you need in order to thrive in the workplace. An employer will rely on you to be the authority and … / Read more »

6 Morale-Boosting Tips for Job Seekers with Disabilities

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Navigating the realms of resumes, interviews and negotiations is exhausting for most people, but can be particularly daunting for those job seekers who have a disability. Between focusing on your disability to being overwhelmed by discussing accommodations, differently abled job seekers face a unique set of challenges most applicants (and some employers) never consider! But don’t fret! Here are some guidelines to help you stay positive, keep the employer focused on your strengths, and flourish in a rewarding career! 1. Be yourself! It sounds simple, but this is a universal first step in job seeking. Know yourself. Know what you want … / Read more »