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A Starter’s Guide to Becoming a Freelance Party Planner

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An Article by contributor Victoria Hill. Being a freelance party or event planner may seem like the perfect job. You get to set your own hours, plan exciting events and you aren’t trapped in an office all day long. It has a lot of perks. However, like every job, it also has its drawbacks. What follows is a guide for how to become a party planner while achieving success and staying sane at the same time. Education Requirements for Becoming a Freelance Party Planner There are some party planner qualifications. For example, you will likely need to have a bachelor’s … / Read more »

Working & Studying Together: Can It Be Done?

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An infographic courtesy of Study Medicine Europe. Anyone who has ever attempted to balance working with studying a university course will tell you that, irrespective of which option they were doing full-time, it is a tough ask. No matter how tired you might feel after coming home from one, you still need to revitalize yourself for the other. A lot of the time, you might not even get home, instead going directly from one to the other. You’re probably beginning to wonder if it’s even possible to juggle working and studying without having to overly compromise on one of them. … / Read more »

How Can I Write a Winning Cover Letter?

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Megan from National University asks: “I need help writing a cover letter including some ideas on how to write one. I currently serve as an intern and this company is hiring.  However, their hiring process for internal candidates is not as formal as with an outside applicant.  How can I put together a winning cover letter?” Thanks for your question, Megan.  Cover letters take valuable time to write.  Let’s face it: no one wants to write a cover letter.  Are cover letters even necessary in today’s job market?  The answer is “Yes”, but only if the cover letter is well … / Read more »

What’s the Difference Between a Resume and a CV?

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Christian from Chamberlain University asked: “Whats the difference between a CV and a resume? Why would one be preferred over the other?” Thank you for your question Christian. If you’ve looked for job search tips online, you’ll find that Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV) seem to be used interchangeably. While they are similar, they are not the same! There are distinct differences and specific situations where one is preferred over the other. Length and Content Resumes are brief and focused documents which rarely exceed 1 or 2 pages. They focus on your educational and occupational experiences and work best when the content … / Read more »