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Getting Noticed by your Target Company

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An infographic courtesy of Phil.Exeq. For sure, many of job seekers – whether a first-timer or looking for a better one than their current job – already have a target company they would like to work for. This is actually a good thing since it helps narrow our job-hunting efforts, allowing us to prepare ourselves for the interview and anticipate all related questions regarding their company. However, with an oversaturated job market that we have today, how confident are you that your job application to your desired company will be shortlisted, let alone be noticed by the hiring manager? No … / Read more »

Engineering Employment Outlook

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Among the many resources that rank the top careers, it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t list engineering among the top choices. For aspiring engineers, however, it can be difficult to decide which major or career path in engineering to pursue. Engineering today can incorporate a number of exciting job aspects, pulling in different types of roles and responsibilities tailored to various interests. This provides many different opportunities and avenues for students and aspiring engineers. RevPart has created an infographic that highlights the different types of engineering career paths — including salary information, job outlooks and more! Engineering Employment Outlook … / Read more »

CVs and Resumes: Get Them Right to Get the Job

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Courtesy of Colin Cuthbert at Ayers Management. Colin Cuthbert has worked as the Director of Ayers Management since 2012, having previously been Head of Sales and Business Development with Lester Associates, in addition to his role as Director and part-owner of Contours Dulwich Hill. He strives to adopt a friendly approach to management and is committed to fostering a strong team spirit within the workplace. 

How the Spring Class of 2014 Found Employment

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How graduates find employment varies a great deal by degree and major. The data below show that there is no single method that works well for all job seekers. Some will find employment primarily through the services of their college career centers, while others will do so primarily through their own efforts or through third-party services. Interviews, internships, career fairs and other recruiting events, personal and professional referrals and traditional job postings are all potential paths to employment after graduation, so job seekers should take advantage of every resource and service available to them.