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How Can I Land an Internship / Job at a Non-Profit with a Humanities Major?

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Bianca from San Francisco State University asked: “I am a Humanities major and I am having trouble narrowing down my career path. I am definitely interested in working in non-profit / philanthropic fields or anything community and education related, but am having trouble finding a field that hires humanities / liberal art graduates. What can I do?” Thanks for your question, Bianca.  I certainly appreciate how you feel about your lack of success in landing a job in your desired field.  It sounds like you are anxious to solidify your career plans and get your career started. Well, the good news … / Read more »

How Can I Gain Internship Experience in My Field with only an Associate Degree?

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Tasheka from Houston Community College asks: “I’m currently pursuing an associate degree in Accounting and I’m trying to find an internship that does not require me to be in pursuit of a bachelor’s or master’s degree. My question is, how could I gain experience if no one accept a candidate pursuing an associate degree?  I do plan on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the future, but want to gain experience for a job now.  What can I do?” Thanks for your question, Tasheka.  Today’s job market is ultra-competitive so I can appreciate the anxiety that you feel.  However, let’s take … / Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Seeking Internships

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Not sure where to begin when looking for an internship? We’ve partnered with College Recruiter to bring you real stories of the best and worst intern candidates, gathered from insights provided by Intel and NECC. Whether you’re a student or a career advisor guiding students, familiarize yourself on these do’s and don’ts when seeking an internship. Do: Network with employees at organizations of interest and try to find a personal connection Apply for internships you’re passionate about, even if you don’t meet all the requirements Show enthusiasm and knowledge about the internship Utilize resources such as the Career Center and … / Read more »

I’m a Senior – is it too late to do an internship?

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Mark from the University of Texas asked: “I am entering my senior year and looking for an internship in the business field. Is it too late?” Thank you for your question, Mark! It’s never to late to start looking for an internship! Depending on the type of internship you’re looking for, there may be special circumstances or deadlines you need to be mindful of, but there’s no time like the present to start looking. Internships for academic credit Depending on your campus, it is likely past the deadline for a Fall academic internship. Many academic internship programs are timed like … / Read more »

Your 4-Year Plan: How To Take Advantage Of Your College Education

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An article by contributor Meghan Belnap. With the rising costs of college education and the increasing demand on student attention in the form of social and digital media, having a 4-Year plan is absolutely critical to take advantage of your college education. All too often, graduates are saddled with student debt and without suitable work. Some real-world skills are sadly missed or not studied by most new graduates, but it’s never too late to start taking advantage of your education, and laying the ground work for a career after graduation! Freshman Year: Orient Yourself, Work Hard and Socialize Most incoming freshman … / Read more »