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What Can I Do To Get Internship-Like Experience Before Re-Matriculating in My Degree Program?

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Markl from Cuesta College asks: “I graduated with my Associate of Arts degree, but was forced to leave school due to illness before I could complete my Bachelors in Biology. After 2 years, I want to reapply for University, but I am unsure of the exact field I want to study.  I have looked into internships, however I am unsure of how, or if I can partake given that I am not enrolled in college.  Is there anything out there for someone in my position? How would you suggest I start?  Can I do an internship without being enrolled in … / Read more »

Why cross-functional learning shouldn’t end with a diploma

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By Davina Mazaroli & Alexis Unwalla, Anheuser-Busch Diversify your skillset – common advice given to students these days. But if cross functional learning & development is a no-brainer in the classroom, why should it end once you have your diploma? To reach your peak professional potential, it’s important to find a company that actively pushes you to learn through versatile opportunities and job experiences. The U.S. Department of Education has found an 85% increase in the number of college students earning multiple majors over the last 10 years. Students are interested in broadening their knowledge during college in order to optimize … / Read more »

What Do I Need to Do to Land an Entry-Level Job in Graphic Design?

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Isaiah from Southern Oregon University asks: “Can you tell me some ways to find entry-level Graphic Design jobs?  I apply to jobs on sites like Indeed.com, but they usually require several years of experience.  I graduated last year with a BS in Art and Graphic Design concentrations.” Thanks for your question, Isaiah.  It is competitive in today’s job market, even for entry-level positions.  When you consider that 250 resumes are received on average for each corporate job opening, it isn’t hard to imagine your struggle.  Here’s the good news, though.  The job market is continuing to improve as the US … / Read more »

What Do I Do When Entry-Level Jobs Seem Out of Reach?

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Matthew from Barry University asked: “My internship fell through. I’m about to graduate with my 3rd degree and have zero real-world experience.  Every website claims they offer positions that are entry-level but their prerequisites are too demanding.  I don’t even get callbacks for volunteer positions.  Any suggestions?” Thanks for your question, Matthew.  It can be frustrating when you think you’ve landed a great internship, but it falls through in the end.  This can happen to anyone so use this experience as a learning tool for the future. Listed below are several things you can do to move towards landing the … / Read more »

5 Exciting Careers in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

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An article by contributor Sreeram Sreenivasan. From messaging apps to autonomous cars, today, every piece of technology is powered by data. The advent of new fields like Artificial Intelligence has thrown open a wide range of data-specific jobs that provide amazing career options. Here are 5 exciting careers that allow you to create a huge impact in an organization by applying data analytics & business intelligence: 1 Data Scientist Data Scientists take a business problem, translate it into a data question, create mathematical models that help answer the question, and translate the results into business insights. For example, if they were … / Read more »