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How To Position Yourself In College To Become A Leader In Your Field

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An article by contributor Anita Ginsburg. It is a competitive world out there. That is the message that comes across loud and clear to individuals who are preparing themselves for a career, especially if the career choice involves leadership. Consequently, students should not wait until they are in the full-time work force to focus on developing their leadership skills. Start Where You Are A person does not automatically become a leader by simply gaining knowledge in a given field, although knowledge is important to the point that it would be difficult to function as a leader without it. However, leadership … / Read more »

A Career in Management and Why It Might Be Right for You

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Almost every industry sector in the world employs management professionals in some shape or form. Without them, the global economy would stall and many of the most exciting developments in technology and infrastructure wouldn’t see completion. As a result, there are many specializations and many pathways to success. In the following guide, we’ll address a few of the things that make management an attractive career prospect to help you navigate the opportunities often presented to recent graduates. What Managers Do While the field represents one of the broadest possible spectrums at the professional level, it can be roughly divided into … / Read more »