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7 Jobs Where You Can Wear Scrubs to Work

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Scrubs are fun, relaxing work attire. These outfits come in a variety of colors and styles that allow you to express your inner self. And the bonus is they are super comfortable to sport when you are on the job. So what type of work do you need to do in order to wear scrubs? Let’s take a look at a few jobs you can wear scrubs to work at. 1 . Nursing What they do: Nurses are caregivers at heart who engage in a variety of patient care tasks. Their job includes taking care of patient needs, performing physical exams, … / Read more »

Top Careers for People Who Love Working with Their Hands

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An article by UK based contributor Sam Gatt. Not everyone wants to sit in an office all day, typing away at a computer. If you want a career that allows you to use your hands to make things or complete intricate tasks, there are several to consider. Some people think of hands-on jobs as requiring a low level of knowledge or skill, and this is simply not true! Some of them still require extremely high levels of education and years of practice. If you want to build a career where you can keep your hands moving, try some of the ideas below. Massage Therapist … / Read more »