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3 Public Speaking Mistakes New Grads Make and Tips to Avoid Them.

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An article by contributor William Taylor. Many people do not like public speaking despite the fact that it is an essential part of both business and personal life. Many people are actually afraid to speak in public although, like so many other things, it is a skill which can be learned and improved. This is not something that many people are taught to do and it is certainly a challenge to the recent grad who has limited or no experience. Many speakers make the following mistakes, which can be easily rectified: Not Preparing One of the worst things you can do is … / Read more »

What does it cost to be you? (your personal budget)

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Timothy from Indiana State University asked: I just graduated with a degree in Psychology.  How much do Psychology majors make? I need to know how much I will make so I can be sure I can pay my bills once I am “off my parent’s payroll.” Hi Timothy – Reality time, right!  Mom and Dad will only cover your bills for so long. Eventually, you have to bear the cost of being you, and you need a job that will help you do so. How much do Psychology grads make? Well … that depends upon what they choose do when they graduate.  Those … / Read more »

7 Negotiation tactics to set up graduates for long term success

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It is a wonderful experience to have graduated and an even better feeling to have received your first job offer. Unfortunately many graduates lack negotiation skills and are unsure of whether to accept an offer or negotiate the terms, particularly the salary. In fact, most employees expect you to negotiate and it is a sign of your professionalism and ambition that you do so. The important thing to remember is that you must do it in a professional, courteous manner; this will start your new business relationship on the right foot. To ensure you get the best offer possible it … / Read more »

Hacks that will help recent college grads negotiate salary like a pro

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An article by contributor Christopher Austin. As an entry-level worker or college grad, it’s natural to feel like you’re in no position to negotiate salary terms. Even if you don’t feel like you have any influence or your experience is limited, there are ways you can still make yourself appear valuable in front of hiring managers. Mastering negotiations is easier than you think. If you believe that you have the power to bargain, then you have it. Be bold and walk into a business negotiation with as much confidence as possible. Salary negotiations are always considered such a delicate matter. Yet with … / Read more »

5 Reasons why Students don’t Negotiate.

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An article from contributor Christopher Austin. As a student soon to join the workforce, it’s fundamental that you take into account negotiation strategies when dealing with job offers and attending interviews. It’s great that you just managed to land a job interview, but does this mean that you should accept the first offer that pops up? Of course not; don’t be afraid to negotiate the best offer you can! Some students wrongfully assume that lack of experience doesn’t give them the right to ask for more. Guess what? That’s not necessarily the case, and if you don’t bargain, you risk losing substantial sums … / Read more »