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How can an international student find work in aerospace engineering?

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Jagdish from Iowa State University asked: I am an international student studying Aerospace Engineering (B.S.- M.S. dual degree), I am concerned about my job prospects after graduation for two primary reasons:  It can be difficult for international students the find employment in the U.S., and the types of jobs I am seeking require security clearance. I am really motivated and ready to pursue this career path, but also worried; there are many hurdles and the stakes are high (education debt). What do you think should I do to get a job and contribute successfully in this field? I wish I had a mentor … / Read more »

What can you do with an engineering degree?

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UK Engineer

Here are some great suggestions from UK-based guest blogger Sam Gatt, a writer on all things business and career related.  In the UK it’s rather difficult to find well paid work at the moment, so when you finally graduate from university with an engineering degree, you’ll need to put extra effort into researching possible employment solutions. You might not realise it at the moment, but the skills you’ve gained over the last three years are desirable to employers in a wide range of different industries. This means your options are vast when it comes to finding a good job that you … / Read more »