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Tips to Answer Post-Pandemic Interview Questions

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected the way job seekers and employers find careers and onboard new hires. With this kind of an impact, you can be sure that employers will be asking questions about how you managed your time during the pandemic and what your plans are for the future. Knowing how to answer these questions can show employers that you were able to make the most of an unprecedented situation. Here are a few helpful tips on how to strategically answer post pandemic interview questions. How did you deal with the transition to working/learning in a virtual environment? Although some people thrive while working from home, that’s … / Read more »

Five Ways to Virtually Network from Home

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Virtual Networking

As people continue working from home and refrain from attending in-person events, it can be hard to stay connected and build your network. Thankfully, we live in a virtual world where millions of great connections are just a click away! Here are five ways to effectively network and stay connected through a virtual platform. Build Your Online Brand Establish yourself by setting up a strong web presence. Use social networking tools like LinkedIn or career services platforms like GradLeaders to create a profile with a professional photo and complete profile explaining who you are, what you’ve done, and where you … / Read more »

Career Advice for Students During a Worldwide Pandemic

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College Career Advice Pandemic

Searching for jobs right out of college has always been difficult, and it hasn’t gotten any easier amid a worldwide pandemic. Some students and graduates may be wondering if companies are even hiring at all right now. And the answer is yes! Companies are still looking to fill positions that they find vital to the growth and success of the company. But this means they’re looking for the top candidates to fill these spots. It’s important for students to learn how to stand out among other candidates and prove they’re the best for the position, especially when the job market is so competitive. Here’s some advice on how to be successful in your … / Read more »