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Becoming A Therapist: Physical vs Occupational Therapy

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Whether you’ve had your heart set on a career in therapy or you’re currently exploring your options, becoming a physical therapist or occupational therapist requires years of education and training. Although these two careers seem similar in nature, they have many differences in education, licensing and job duties. Discover the paths to success for careers in both physical therapy and occupational therapy with the following infographic by Progressus Therapy: Becoming A Therapist was created by Progressus Therapy Lisa Orlando is the Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Early Intervention at Progressus Therapy, a provider of employment and professional development for therapist.

7 Jobs Where You Can Wear Scrubs to Work

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Scrubs are fun, relaxing work attire. These outfits come in a variety of colors and styles that allow you to express your inner self. And the bonus is they are super comfortable to sport when you are on the job. So what type of work do you need to do in order to wear scrubs? Let’s take a look at a few jobs you can wear scrubs to work at. 1 . Nursing What they do: Nurses are caregivers at heart who engage in a variety of patient care tasks. Their job includes taking care of patient needs, performing physical exams, … / Read more »