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How Can I Better Utilize Recruiters to Land a Job?

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Grant K. from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology asks: “In my experience, one of the best ways to get in touch with potential employers is to leverage professional recruiters. I have tried to find some on LinkedIn with very little success. I’ve tried different keywords but have not been able to find any. Do you have any suggestions?” Thanks for your question, Grant.  Targeting recruiters, both direct and third party recruiters, is a good idea and something you should include in your overall job search campaign.  However, remember that recruiters do not work exclusively for you so make sure … / Read more »

What do I do after an interview set up through a recruiter?

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Lashonda at Keller School of Management asked: “I had a great interview through a recruiter, but have not heard from either the recruiter or the employer. When should I contact them? What else am I supposed to do after an interview?” Thanks for your question, Lashonda! Finishing a great interview may feel like the hard work is over; you did you best and now the decision is in someone else’s hands. Don’t make the mistake of being complacent in the post interview world! Continue to be active not only with your recruiter but in your job search. You’re not done … / Read more »