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Nine New Year’s Resolutions to Guide Students to their Dream Job

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New Year Resolution Students

As we enter a new year, job seekers should follow this list of resolutions to prepare for the start of a new career. The new year should be a time to focus on hope, growth and new opportunities ahead. Listed below are nine tips on how to begin the process of finding a great new career this year. Update Your Resume Set aside some time to focus on perfecting your resume. Add your most recent experiences and new skills to impress employers. Be sure to highlight accomplishments. Your resume should tell a story vs. being just a list of tasks/responsibilities.  … / Read more »

Six Career Resolutions for 2014

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I resolve to . . . . How will you finish that sentence this year? The new year offers the opportunity for new beginnings in all areas of life. As you ponder possible new year’s resolutions, consider the following six. They’re not complicated, but they are bold, and they are all possible. Be content Appreciate what you have. Take satisfaction in what you achieve on a daily basis. Take pride in your accomplishments. Be content. Move forward Be content, but don’t be complacent.  Know that you can always do something to enhance your skills; to increase your knowledge.  Ask yourself:  “How is … / Read more »