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10 Tools and Skills to Become a Better Salesperson

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You’re a recent college graduate with a fresh degree in hand. Your business classes taught you everything you need to know about slaying at sales. Or have they? Did you pick up on nuances you can’t learn in a classroom? Or you’ve been in sales for a year or two, and have been successful — but you feel that you haven’t hit your peak. What can you do to pick up your game? The sales aspect of any business is one of the most important. This list gives you some things to think about and incorporate so you can get … / Read more »

A Career in Sales and Why It Might Be Right for You

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In an interview with Forbes, Dave Ramsey once quipped: “We are all in the business of sales. Teachers sell students on learning, parents sell their children on making good grades and behaving, and traditional salesmen sell their products.” He’s right: Selling is pretty much a part of our everyday lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. If you’re interested in taking your sales skills to the next level, and/or making a lucrative career out of them, this is the guide for you. What Sales Professionals Do The best sales professionals don’t just close deals; they also build relationships with … / Read more »

A Career in Marketing And Why It Might Be Right For You.

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One afternoon, you’ll find yourself in an auditorium filled with hundreds of other students, most of whom you don’t even know by name. You’ll all be wearing silly square-shaped hats and long-flowing, ridiculous robes. On that day, you’ll realize your own future is right in front of you – and it’s absolutely exhilarating. But also a little terrifying. It seems like many older adults have forgotten just how daunting that can be. To be honest, that’s because it seems much scarier than it actually is. It doesn’t have to be a negative and frightening experience at all, especially if you’re … / Read more »

Getting Your Foot in the Door with the Southwestern Advantage Company

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About Southwestern Advantage For over 140 years, college and university students from all over the world have participated in the Southwestern Advantage summer sales and leadership program. Southwestern Advantage serves as the core company of the Southwestern Family of Companies.  It’s in this program that students are trained in life skills such as independence, confidence, self-motivation and goal-setting.  They run their own business selling an integrated learning system to families throughout North America Southwestern Advantage was established as a publisher in 1855 by Reverend J. R. Graves in Nashville, Tennessee.  Originally called the Southwestern Publishing House, Southwestern Advantage is recognized … / Read more »

How do I pursue a career in sales when my degree is in political science?

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Jake at Texas Tech University asked: I recently graduated with a Political Science degree with a minor in English. My original intention was to go to law school, but I no longer want to do that. I have gotten some experience in sales and  have decided to pursue a career in sales. Unfortunately, I’m finding it difficult getting my foot in the door. I believe I am a leader, I am personable, and I am an extremely hard worker.  I believe I have great salesmanship qualities. Despite all of this, I think companies are taking a look at my resume … / Read more »