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How Can I Start My Career as a Writer/Travel Writer?

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Samara from Benedictine University asks: “I am an English Literature and Language major. Are there any travel writing/blogging jobs available? For example, are there positions with a travel magazine or other travel industry publication or website or teaching jobs using the French language? I am having trouble finding internships in these fields and would appreciate any advice to get my career started.” Thanks for your question, Samara.  After researching to answer your question, I can confidently tell you there is a ton of opportunity out there for you. Having worked with thousands of soon-to-graduate seniors and recent college graduates, most … / Read more »

Working in the Public Relations Industry: Tips from PR Pros

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Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a room full of communication professionals, as they dish about the skills and attributes they love to see in internship and job candidates (and the ones that make them throw resumes in the recycle bin)? I had that chance recently, and it was eye-opening.  Below are thoughts from Meri McGloin of Ketchum, Jessica Weidensall and Matt Wager of Weber Shandwick and Pam Golum of The Lippin Group, who were on-campus helping with student portfolio and resume reviews thanks to our CU Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter and faculty … / Read more »

What Millennial Job Seekers Need to Know About Social Media

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An article by contributor Rachael Murphey. Millennials are well-known for their social media use. After all, this is the first generation to actually grow up with computers, so it only makes sense that millennials would be far more avid users of social media than other generations. Unfortunately, it seems that not all millennials are fully aware of the possible consequences of their social media use. For this reason, we’ll now look at a few things that millennials need to know about social media and how it could potentially affect their ability to get a job. Potential Employers Can and Will … / Read more »

What Employers Look For In Your Social Media

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As a recent college graduate it is very important to make sure that you are prepared for your job search. A big component that job seekers forget is to make sure that their social media accounts are employer-ready. Is everything that you have on your social media something that you want a potential employer to see? Here is a guide to help make sure your social media profiles are employer ready. This infographic was created by Stevenson University Online.

How to reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn

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An article by contributor Emily Burgess. When you have recently graduated, or you are about to graduate, there can be a certain amount of pressure to find a job. Not only are you trying to find a way to make a living after your studies, but you are also competing with other candidates in the same position. Rather than waiting for a job to come to you, it’s better to reach out to recruiters, and you can find plenty of them on LinkedIn. Here’s how to get in touch with them. Request a connection You can normally only do this … / Read more »