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Job Types in The eSports Industry

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Ten years ago, no one would have predicted that eSports would be offering the excellent job opportunities that it is today. From marketing to finance, those looking for opportunities will find that an eSports is an industry itself now, and it is chock-full of jobs that pay equally as well as other industries. eSports are expected to generate an overwhelming revenue of 800 million dollars. The events taking place under its umbrella are getting bigger and bigger each year. Audiences for these events are also expanding as players win millions of dollars in prize money. Consider this; a tournament that … / Read more »

A Career in Marketing And Why It Might Be Right For You.

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One afternoon, you’ll find yourself in an auditorium filled with hundreds of other students, most of whom you don’t even know by name. You’ll all be wearing silly square-shaped hats and long-flowing, ridiculous robes. On that day, you’ll realize your own future is right in front of you – and it’s absolutely exhilarating. But also a little terrifying. It seems like many older adults have forgotten just how daunting that can be. To be honest, that’s because it seems much scarier than it actually is. It doesn’t have to be a negative and frightening experience at all, especially if you’re … / Read more »