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How studying abroad can help your career

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An Article by contributor Christopher Austin. Apart from being super cool to leave your home town and go somewhere overseas to study, the truth is an international degree can help jump-start your career, and prepare you for academic success. Students eager to apply for college somewhere far away from their homes should know that the opportunity may help them developed some core professional skills: self-awareness, confidence, adaptability, and communication. These programs can set you on the right path for a great and fulfilling career! The perks of studying abroad Studying abroad helps alumni develop an additional set of skills; skills they … / Read more »

5 Gap Year Ideas that will Improve Your Career Prospects

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An article by UK based contributor Sam Gatt. A lot of students consider taking a gap year either before or during college. It’s a wonderful way to see the world, and grow your personal skills. You’ll connect with new cultures, and learn vital social skills that will help you in the future. Not only that, but you’ll pick up some real transferable skills that employers love. Things like communication, initiative, and confidence. But, what activities, exactly, will help you boost your resume and career chances. 1 Volunteering Volunteering, in any capacity, proves that you have the independence and motivation to help others. … / Read more »

What majors are there for those who enjoy traveling?

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Meghan at Temple University asked: “I like to travel. What majors can I pursue that will allow me to help people and travel?” Good question, Meghan, and a very common way of thinking about career future – “I like X, Y and Z. What path can I follow to have those things in my job?” – It might seem like a simple issue of matching interests and degrees, but it’s actually a loaded, multilayered question with many options and outcomes. Help me, help you, help others. The first step in unpacking your question is to define what you mean by “help.” Under … / Read more »

Fancy Living And Working Abroad?

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Working abroad

Here Are Some Awesome Career Suggestions That Could See You Traveling The World There are many reasons why someone would want to pack up their old life and move abroad to work. Perhaps you’ve just been through a bad breakup? Or maybe you’ve not got many friends left thanks to them all settling down and getting married? Either way, achieving this goal is a lot simpler than you might expect, and with that in mind, the article you’re reading today has been written in an attempt to give you some great tips and advice. Obviously, you’ll need to retrain in … / Read more »

What can I do with a Psychology degree? Should I get a graduate degree overseas?

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Kayla from Wisconsin-La Crosse had two questions:   I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Psychology and wish to do humanitarian type work after college.  Are there any jobs in that field that pay decently? Also,  I’ve been thinking that I would like to go to graduate school in the UK.  Would it then be possible to work in the U.S. with that degree? Or would it only be valid there? Hi Kayla – There are a lot of aspects to your questions. I’ll do my best to address them. First, you ask if there are any jobs in humanitarian fields … / Read more »