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A Career in Supply Chain and Why it Might be Right for You

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Every day across the country and the world, supply chain management and logistical practices are carried out to bring you everything from the daily newspaper to your favorite store-bought products at incredibly low prices. And you can thank supply chain managers for a job well done. In fact, many industry-leading companies such as Apple, Nokia, Toyota and others frequently cite supply chain management as a major contributing factor to their success. As a result, supply chain management has been touted as the sexiest job in the world! In this guide, we’ll talk about what future SCM professionals can expect from … / Read more »

What can you do with an engineering degree?

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UK Engineer

Here are some great suggestions from UK-based guest blogger Sam Gatt, a writer on all things business and career related.  In the UK it’s rather difficult to find well paid work at the moment, so when you finally graduate from university with an engineering degree, you’ll need to put extra effort into researching possible employment solutions. You might not realise it at the moment, but the skills you’ve gained over the last three years are desirable to employers in a wide range of different industries. This means your options are vast when it comes to finding a good job that you … / Read more »