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Are you really overqualified for that job?

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What does it mean to be overqualified for a job? Seriously, I hear a lot of college graduates (and their parents) say things like: I didn’t get a college degree to do that! I didn’t send my daughter to college so she could do that! With as much money as it cost to go to college, my job should pay more! You don’t need a college degree to do that! . . .  and other similar comments. There appears to be some overriding belief that a college degree – any college degree – should immediately qualify you for a certain … / Read more »

Introducing TheCampusCareerCoach.com

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Welcome to TheCampusCareerCoach.com – a service of CSO Research Inc.  This blog provides career advising and coaching resources and information to benefit the students of CSO’s 600+ client colleges and universities across the US and around the world. Content is provided primarily by me –  Matt Berndt, CSO’s Director of Communication & Career Services with additional content provided by  Mason Gates, CSO’s Director of Employer Engagement,  and other of our colleagues at CSO and friends in career services and recruiting.  I have been described as a “career evangelist“ because of my passion for helping college students proactively explore their career options and pursue … / Read more »