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Teaching English Abroad

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Douglas from DeVry University asked: “How can I get into teaching English abroad?” Thanks for your question, Douglas. Teaching English in a foreign country is a great way to immerse yourself in another culture, test the limits of your education skills, and learn a lot yourself! There are several paths to certification and ultimately teaching that depend on where you want to go, and the type of experience and training prospective employers are looking for. Where and who do you want to teach? Your certification and application path depends on where in the world and which type of student you’d like … / Read more »

How can I land an International Internship?

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Taisei at University of Missouri asked: “What do I need to do if I apply for an internship in China? How can I modify my resume to make it perfect for this situation?” Thanks for your question, Taisei. Some aspects of job searching are regionally unique, and what we consider unusual or even inappropriate in the United States, are common practices elsewhere in the world. The key point in applying for an international internship is to understand what is expected of you as an applicant. Prepare your resume for China. Your MU Career Center counselors may have information on resume and … / Read more »

What majors are there for those who enjoy traveling?

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Meghan at Temple University asked: “I like to travel. What majors can I pursue that will allow me to help people and travel?” Good question, Meghan, and a very common way of thinking about career future – “I like X, Y and Z. What path can I follow to have those things in my job?” – It might seem like a simple issue of matching interests and degrees, but it’s actually a loaded, multilayered question with many options and outcomes. Help me, help you, help others. The first step in unpacking your question is to define what you mean by “help.” Under … / Read more »